Habit: Straight, dense foliage, conical.

Growth Rate: Moderate 4-10” average per year.

Mature Sizes: In an average mid west landscape after 20 years 20-30’ and 10-15’ wide.

Needle: Light green that darkens during maturity.

Texture: Light, very fine textured, thick density.

Cones: Small ½ to 1 inch light brown conical in shape.

Culture: Will handle some sun to light shade, cylindrical in shape preferring damp well draining soil but grows in a variety of soils. Can be used as a specimen and performs poorly in drought conditions and with exposure to salt spray.

Disease and Insects: Wooly adelgid.

Cultivars and Varieties: Tsuga canadensis 'Pendula' - an upright weeping form, often staked during nursery production to maintain a central leader to the desired height, often anywhere from 2' to 5' tall, by about 5' wide

Zone: 3 to 7.

Native Habitat: North eastern parts of North America

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