Habit: In youth a symmetrical pyramid of soft, pleasant appearance. In middle-age and on old trees the crown is composed of horizontal and ascending branches.

Growth rate: Fast, 2' to 3' per year in average landscapes.

Mature Size: In an average mid west landscape after 20 years 40' to 50'.

Needles: Light to bluish green, 3" to 5" in length, soft needles fall from tree second year in late summer-early fall.

Texture: Medium-fine, soft.

Cones: 6" to 8" long by 1 1/2" broad, cylindrical, often curved, light brown, mature in autumn of second year.

Culture: Easily transplanted, with wide spreading shallow root system, plant in very well drained soil, elevate root ball, and avoid heavy compacted clay in combination with poor drainage. Prefers full sun exposure; will grow in light shade, but will develop a leggy, light branched, less dense and irregular habit.

Diseases and Insects: White Pine Wilt, White Pine Weevil, Bagworm, Pine Bark Aphid.

Cultivars and Varieties:

Fastigiated; narrowly upright and columnar when young developing a wider character with age as the branches ascend at a 45 degree angle from the trunk; ultimately about three times as tall as wide.

Nana; catchall term and several different types listed, usually compact, mounded or rounded.

Pendula; very interesting weeping type with long branches that sweep the ground; must be trained in youth to develop a leader.

Zone: 2 to 8.

Native Habitat: Newfoundland to Manitoba, South to Georgia, West to Illinois and Iowa.

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